If you’ve been thinking about getting your feet wet in the altcoin world but you don’t know where you should start your search, then you’ve come to the right place. 

Today I’ll be reviewing 5 intriguing altcoins I think you should keep your eye on in 2020.

1. Elrond (ERD)

Elrond, with a solid combination of scaleability, efficiency, and security is aiming to become, ‘A scaleable value transfer protocol for the digital economy’.  With throughput of 10,000 transactions per second, transaction executions in only 5 seconds, and increased security due to randomly selected block proposers, Elrond looks to fulfill the promise of a truly decentralized virtual currency for everyday use that has been elusive for Bitcoin.

Combine this robust transaction capability with a newly announced alliance and endorsement of Samsung’s Blockchain Ecosystem, and you have all the right elements for a potential price rally.

After an initial slide, prices have been slowly giving ground since the end of August and currently trade around 0.0018 USD.


According to their website, PLUSQO token exchange is driving value with a combination of unique socially-responsible IEO listings, business lending services, OTC trading, and in-house trading.

There is also considerable buzz surrounding the release of PLUSQO’s PLUS-Automated Trading System, which is accessible for free for PLUSQO account holders. 

With cryptocurrency trading 24/7/365, the average investor might feel overwhelmed by the idea of keeping up with trading. However, with transparent, blockchain verifiable results of of the PLUS-Automated Trading System, PLUSQO account holders now have the option to put their trading on autopilot.  From March to October, 2019 the PLUS-Automated System has returned a total of 173% vs. 109% achieved with a buy-and-hold strategy.

Listed May 31, 2019, PLUSQO investor numbers have risen steadily and PSQ prices have surged since late August, 2019 – up over 600%.

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Weekly Price Chart of PSQ Token

3. Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR)

Hedera considers itself part of the third generation of public ledgers, after Bitcoin and Etherium.

Hedera boasts 10,000+ transactions per second with transaction confirmation in only 3 to 5 seconds and an incredibly low average transaction fee of only USD 0.0001.  This makes Hedera look like a real contender for a decentralized, virtual currency usable for everyday transactions.

Hedera’s network protection is also practical and looks fool proof.  According to Hedera’s website, ‘Weighted voting with hbars makes it difficult and expensive for a bad actor to maliciously affect consensus — it would require them to own and stake over one-third of the network’s total supply of cryptocurrency, which will not be possible for the first 5 years.’

After an initial sharp sell off, the price of HBAR has been hovering around 0.03 USD since September.  It might be time to give this token a closer look.

4. CloakCoin (CLOAK)

With Big Brother becoming more and more of a real-world threat to everyday citizens, CloakCoin promises ‘True global transaction freedom’.

ClockCoin utilizes ‘onion-routing privacy’ as a default setting when making transactions.  Users have the option of  switching on the state-of-the-art ENIGMA for the ultimate in cloaking.

With a block time of 60 seconds, it may not be the fastest solution, but by offering ENIGMA, ClockCoin does offer a 100% private currency transaction.

CloakCoin also offers a 6% per annum reward for anyone staking CloakCoin.  A nice bonus on top of a compelling core business story.

ClockCoin currently trades at 0.36 USD.

5. LTO.Network (LTO)

At first glance, LTO Network might look a little boring – but looks can be deceiving.  LTO Network is already landing serious contracts by offering customers a serious money-saving solution – administrative cost reduction.

As anyone who has been responsible for routine, administrative paperwork can tell you, administration is dull and error-prone.  LTO Network solves both problems simultaneously by moving the whole filing, tracking, and communication of data to all stakeholders, to the blockchain. 

LTO Network’s website boasts of recently saving $7 million annually for the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure by streamlining international waste transportations. Those kinds of cost savings don’t sound boring to me.  Keep your eye on LTO.

After hitting an all-time high in March 2019, LTO now trades around 0.025 USD.

Disclaimer: The information in this article should not be relied on for investment advice.  Always do your own research or seek the advice of a financial professional before buying or selling altcoins or any financial product.


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